Our main motto is absolutely respect to each customer as our family member! We are always happy to help and take care of You! Welcome to our hostel!

Free Wi-Fii

Free Wi-Fi works over the entire territory of our hostel, all our guests have free access to it. It doesn’t matter whether you use a laptop, iPad or smartphone, you can quickly find all necessary information without leaving any room of our hostel.

Selection of cultural and entertainment programs

If you turn to our administrator, at any time of day or night you will obtain information about cultural and entertaining places of our city. For theater-goers we will choose the most interesting performances and book tickets. We will offer connoisseurs of history different variants of tours of memory places.

Alarm clock service: it is impossible to oversleep important things in our hostel

The service “Alarm clock”, which does not allow you to oversleep an important event, is available to each our guest. If you ask our administrator, you can sleep peacefully – in the morning the administrator will wake you up at the fixed time.

Care for security of each guest

The territory of Radishev hostel is under 24-hour surveillance. If you stay in Radishev, there is no need to worry – we guarantee your security in the territory of our hostel.

Comfortable and functional kitchen

A kitchen zone of Radishev hostel is equipped with all things necessary for cooking, food storage and eating: there is a cooking surface, dinner table and chairs, large fridge. All these conveniences are free-of-charge for you. Water, tea and coffee are also free for our guests.

Happy birthday!

• Package № 1 Message from our staff and a small compliment"
PRICE: FREE! Do not forget to send a copy of your passport to our e-mail and provide your passport at check-in.

• Package № 2 "Greetings from the staff and a small compliment, balloons in the room"
PRICE: from 500 to 1000 rubles (depending on the number of balls)

• Package № 3 "Greetings from the staff, a small compliment, balloons in the room and the birthday cake"
PRICE: from 1000 to 1500 rubles
* service must be ordered at least a day in front of the arrivals in the hostel!

Comfortable leisure zone

In the hostel there is a spacious leisure zone where all guests of the hostel can easily find enough room for themselves. This zone is equipped with comfortable tables and sofas, settling yourself on which you can watch your favorite films and sport programs.

Free-of-charge use of household appliances

Our hostel guests can use a washing machine as well as ironing equipment at any time convenient to them. The use of a hairdryer is also free-of-charge. There is an electric tea kettle in each room.

Call of a taxi at any time of day or night

You can trust an order of a taxi to our administrator. The car will be sent at the fixed time and a company rendering services for passenger carriage will be chosen according to the guest’s requirements.

Service without lunch and rest breaks

Different questions may arise at any time. We understand it: a hostel administrator is in his place within 24 hours and ready to solve any problem of our guests as soon as possible.

Care for your comfort day and night

We have just opened and this means that the hostel equipment is not only new but of perfect quality. For example, sleeping accommodations are equipped with mattresses with independent blocks. Our guest can additionally order a contour pillow.

Keeping of valuables in hostel safes

When you stay in Radishev hostel, you may rest assured that your valuables will be in safe keeping. You can have a rest with no worry, leaving your valuables in lockers provided for each guest of multiple bedded rooms or in the safe to which only an administrator has access.

The surprise for the second half

• Package No. 1 Candles + petals + folded towels in the shape of a heart"
PRICE: 500 rubles

• Package No. 2 "Candles + petals + heart of towels +a basket of fruit with a bottle of champagne"
PRICE: depending on the brand of champagne
* service must be ordered in advance, at least the day in front of the arrivals in the hostel!

Ordering food at home

Don't want to cook?! You can ask us to order "food at home". We will show you where the cook!

You are looking for a hotel in the heart of the city?

Radishev is a comfortable hostel in the heart of Ekaterinburg, to live in which in the interest of the company and for much less money.

  • Keeping of valuables in hostel safes
  • Comfortable and functional kitchen
  • Free Wi-Fi
  • Alarm clock service: it is impossible to oversleep important things in our hostel
  • Care for your comfort day and night
  • And even more 10 free services for Your comfort

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